Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things about My NaNoWriMo Novel

November 1st begins NaNoWriMo. That's National Novel Writing Month. It is an annual excercize for budding writers to crank out 50,000 words in 30 days. This will be my 4th attempt and hopefully my second successful one. I am not allowed to start writing yet but I can have an outline and some notes prepared so I thought I would share 13 things about this years novel.

  1. The genre is science ficiton/fantasy. While the hero starts on modern day Earth he travels to a myriad of different worlds and eras.

  2. The Character's name might be Zach. Short for Zachariah. But the character I am using as my inspiration was actually Zephaniah so he could easily be Zeph. I haven't decided.

  3. Zach has gifts. Special abilities far beyond normal mortals.

  4. Zach is a Prime In a universe with infinite worlds and infinite variations, there are infinites numbers of you and me. There is only 1 Zach and 1 of each of the other primes.

  5. Primes can pass through shunts. Shunts are invisible dimensional portals that come and go. Only Primes can see them or pass through them.

  6. When Primes are not on the world of their birth, they do not age. So if they start adventuring young, a Prime can retain their youth indefinately. But they age normally on their world of birth.

  7. All Primes instantly recognize other Primes as Primes. a "feeling" that is impossible to duplicate.

  8. All Primes instantly know when they are on the world of their birth. Again a feeling.

  9. Shunts never appear in the same place twice. But with practice a Prime can take a shunt to any world.

  10. Primes can sense shunts. Some can sense when they will appear but not where. Others know where but not when. So communication is vital.

  11. Primes have established a secret organization. They have a base in the form of a "members only" club on many worlds. A Prime doorman insures only Prime enter the premises. The goal is education and adventure reporting. Some think it should be more.

  12. Physical laws vary from world to world Some places magic is very powerful while othere, magic barely exists

  13. Zach wants to be a superhero With his new found abilities he can make his wish come true if he survives.

The basic idea came from a Champions campaign I ran where the heroes were Primes but there were only two worlds, Earth and Terra. Identical physically in everyway, the differences were often subtle and the heroes bounced back and forth between the two. I decided for NANoWriMo I would expand on the concept.

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