Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Things About Dane Bramage

13 Facebook Apps to Waste Your Precious Time On

As you may know, NaNoWriMo begins this Sunday. I usually have no problem on the weekends cranking out my word count. During the week is another matter. I get easily distracted by computer things. This year I have two new additions. World of Warcraft and Facebook. WoW will be easy enough to deal with. When my time expires, I just won't renew until after November 30th. Facebook on the other had has a bunch of free applications (apps) that usually require dailly maintenance. Here are 13 Facebook appa that are likely to waste my precious time.

  1. Mafia Wars Do jobs to earn money and experience. Recruit Facebook Friends to be in your Mafia family. Fight other players.

  2. Vampire Wars Do jobs to earn money and experience. Recruit Facebook Friends to be in your Vampire clan. Fight other players.

  3. Space Wars Do jobs to earn money and experience. Recruit Facebook Friends to be in your Space fleet. Fight other players.

  4. Dragon Wars Do jobs to earn money and experience. Recruit Facebook Friends to be in your Dragon Alliance. Fight other players.

  5. Pirates! Do jobs to earn money and experience. Recruit Facebook Friends to be in your Pirate crew. Fight other players.

  6. Okay This should have been called Pirate Wars but I think someone had already taken the name. These games are remarkably similar so learning one teaches you the rest. Some are more popular than others and the "wars" list goes on.
  7. Battle Stations This spaceship building game is more graphically appealing than your standard app. But basically its the same premise as the others.

  8. Farm Town Big Facebook hit. You plant crops. You wait. You harvest crops. You expand. Lots of fun.

  9. Farmville Zynga the "wars" company created a knock off of Farm Town. Sufficiently different to try though.

  10. Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures Completely different but not necessarily in a good way. You make a character. You pick missions. Time elapses and your mission will consist of 6 to 18 die rolls. You pass or fail each roll. If you fail the last roll of the mission you fail the mission. You earn experience and cash to buy gear.

  11. Cafe World My new best diversion. You run a cafe by cooking meals hiring waiters, serving dishes and expanding your building. Big fun! I NEED NEIGHBORS!

  12. Superhero City Do missions to earn money and experience. Flash animation for the fights is a very nice bonus but otherwise same as the rest.

  13. Castle Age Higher quality artwork, more variations on gear but same type of app.

  14. Starfleet Commander This app is quite different from the others. It appeals to the classic 4X strategy gamer in me.

Now the main purpose of these apps is to make money. You can play for free forever but you can enhance your game play by exchanging real money for virtual money to buy virtual goodies and boons for your squad/clan/tribe/crew/family/team etc. And of course they make it almost imperative for you to sign up your Facebook friends as "teammates", a reciprocal arrangement which allows you to be a member of their "team" at the same time. So if you are on Facebook and play any of these apps, send a friend request to Dane Bramage (Akron Ohio) and tell me what game you are in and I will be your neighbor!

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Calico Crazy said...

I used to be addicted to myspace apps really bad, but when we moved I didn't play for almost 4 weeks and now I'm really bad about keeping up with them. I'm afraid to get any from facebook, I'm sure I could get sucked in if I just gave it a little effort.

Calico Contemplations

Alice Audrey said...

I got sucked into six of these in my first three weeks at Facebook. Then I stopped going to Facebook.

Emily/Randomability said...

parking wars & Packrat both had me for a while...

Mob wars & Bejeweled Blitz have me now.

Happy T 13!

Pop Art Diva said...

I don't do any of that crap on Facebook. I use social media to promote my business and just don't have time to spend on stuff like that. When I have time to relax I GET OFF THE COMPUTER because I work on it all day long all week long, lol.

The only thing I do anything personal on is a bit on Twitter and emails.

I did get lost in some websites a while back - this one especially sucks me in: if you enter the site you get a page where you can create your own Pollock art - so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by my THIRTEEN FUN HALLOWEEN WEB RESOURCES. Happy TT & Halloween!

Adelle Laudan said...

I refuse to even look at any of these.I know myself too well. Happy T13!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Thanks for pointing out Facebook apps to block! LOL. My FB friends all play them, and I've had to block the apps. I hated to, but with EVERYONE playing something, I never found out what they were up to unless it involved a game/app. Funny I don't mind quizzes and notes and links, though.

Thanks for stopping by my T13 at Music Savvy Mom today :)

Miss Sarah said...

Cool list. I feel like facebook is already addicting enough and I already waste waaaaaay too much time on there. I don't need apps to distract me as well. And facebook is turning into myspace with all that app nonsense to add to your page. A lot of my friends are into the pirate thing though.

Thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen too :-)

Celticlibrarian said...

And here I'm pondering whether I should do NaBloPoMo this year. I'm signed up for some of those apps, but here we see why my ability to get bored easily comes in handy. ;)

Chelle said...

I have lost many a dear friend to Mafia Wars and Farmtown, they are so busy putting out hits and harvesting crops, they hardly have time for a real relationship, ha, ha.

The Bumbles said...

Rather than blaming the insanity of the world on liberals I think you should blame it on Facebook apps! These here are 13 reasons why I am not on Facebook - I leave that to my hubby and he has never joined in any of these - if I were on there I'm sure I'd be sucked right in.