Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Journey

Well I will be two years post surgery in August. And while I feel and look better than I have in decades, I have lost a battle. Despite my weight loss my diabetes never got under decent control. as a result my kidney function has dropped to the point where I need to start dialysis and consider a transplant. When my nephrologist told me I almost fell out of the chair. I thought that once I had lost weight my diabetes and high blood pressure would just disappear and I would live happily ever after and look great doing it. And yet here I am two years later facing dialysis and my BP is still all over the map. I start my dialysis education class next week. after that we begin serious discussion about transplant. A blessing I recieved during this time was when I told my family about my kidneys, several members volunteered to be tested as donors. I cried and thanked the Lord for such wonderful support. Now we just need to wait and see where the next leg of the journey leads.

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just checking in to see how you are.