Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thursday Thirteen #9

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 Songs by the iPod Mystery Artist

When I get buried at work like I have been lately, I like to listen to my iPod Nano. It has 8GB of memory and currently holds every piece of music I own. (I won it in a raffle at "Employee Appreciation Day" at work! Yea me!) Well here are thirteen songs by the mystery artist(s). I am pretty sure you will have it figured out by number 13!
  1. Gloria
  2. So You Say
  3. Joy Spring
  4. Twilight Tone I found a video for this song on YouTube but it has since been removed. Too bad it was a cool video.
  5. Body and Soul
  6. Shaker Song
  7. Four Brothers
  8. Night in Tunisia
  9. Java Jive
  10. Operator
  11. Birdland

    This was such a find. There are only two acceptable versions of the song Birdland. The original by Weather Report and the version by the mystery artist. BOTH OF THEM PERFORM IN THIS VIDEO! How cool is that?
  12. Soul Food to Go
  13. Boy from New York City

    Okay if you don't know by now then this signature song should give it away.

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