Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Headlines Cross Post for Testing

Woman Wins Sears Tower Race for 6th Time
Tower says it will train harder. Hopes to actually move next year.

'Mr. Toilet' Builds Commode-Shaped House
No one wants to come over and sit in his pool

Homeless man uses church phone to call sex hot line
Bigger surprise is the nuns who answered the phone

UK Fat Patients Claim Discrimination
Despite snub Micheal Moore still claims it's better than US health care

Food makers pressured to cut sodium
Dairy producers pressured to cut cheese

Firemen told to abstain from sexual bribes
Asked to return to more traditional money only bribes
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Stomach virus races through cruise ship passengers
It got really crowded on the poop deck

CBS news writers give OK for strike call
Now who's going to make up the news?

Experts promote the global warming diet
  1. Eat nothing but beans for seven days
  2. Seal yourself inside airtight plastic bubble
  3. Produce greenhouse gases until you polar regions melt

5 Million Pizzas Recalled on E. coli Fears
Get it back to Dominos in 30 minutes or less or you have to keep it.

Giuliani Promotes Virtual Fence
Fence blocks 100% of illegal aliens from World of Warcraft. Mexicans still get in.

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Alabama woman turns 100, gets her diploma
Says; "I had to take P.E. over 87 times but I finally got that last credit"

Burglar drives into store, snatches TVs
Gets home, realizes nothing is on because of the writer's strike, returns them all

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