Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cross Post: Photos from TT #81

Thursday Thirteen #81

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 Photos Scott Emailed Me

I am taking a breather today. My friend Scott emailed me 13 pictures to post for a Thursday 13. This was a no brainer. If you like it then it was my idea and I accept your kudos. If you hate it it's Scott fault and I'll forward your hate mail and be blameless! Anyway here are some pictures of work done by an artist who uses nature as a media. The life sized bear is made from pine needles and the sculptures are carved from antlers.

  1. Scott's accomplishments include writing a newspaper column, authoring a book, and driving a truck from coast to coast. Unfortunately, counting is not among his accomplishments so rather than make this a Thursday 12, I am re-posting a shot of Scott's best side.

This pine cone guy could be the real deal or a hoax. The guy could be a great artist waiting to be discovered or somebody is yanking my chain. You decide. But the last paragraph in the email said, "I know the artist would love to hear from you. Just to know where his art is being seen around the world. He said he would reply to every email and print out every letter for his scrapbook. You can write him here at[email address removed]. His Name is Richard Carpenter." I removed the email address so if you want it email me.

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