Friday, May 09, 2008

Medical Haiku


A subject near to my abdomen:

Contrast dye I.V.
Pants mid thigh in whirling rig
Oh I hate Cat scans.

"Its perfectly safe"
she said through the loud speaker
from her shielded room.

My mind wonders why
a gigantic machine makes
me claustrophobic.

Well in case you haven't guessed I had to go to have a cat scan done this morning. This wasn't as bad as the MRI but I still consider it something to be avoided like the plague. They only needed pictures of my abdomen so I didn't have to squeeze everything through that little hole. Now I have to drink extra fluids to flush the contrast dye out of my system. As if the diuretics alone weren't causing me to rush to the can enough. Yeesh.
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