Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kind of a Thursday 13 But More Like A Thursday 21

Thursday Thirteen #67

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 21 Answers to the Photo Meme

This was kind of fun. Type the answers to these questions into Google Images and select one image from the first page of results.

  1. Age at next birthday
    Image Hosted by
    LSD 49 is the Harper's Ferry. LSD stands for dock landing ship. I guess the order of the letters isn't important.

  2. Place I'd like to travel
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    St. Thomas looks pretty cool. Besides I couldn't find any pictures of mars I liked.

  3. Favorite place
    Image Hosted by
    There's no place like it!

  4. Favorite objects
    Image Hosted by
    Boardgames are a great hobby and I love playing. I even go out of town to conventions to play.

  5. Favorite food
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    It is no secret that I could subsist on nothing but chicken seven days a week. Fried has got to be my favorite way of having it.

  6. Nickname
    Image Hosted by
    Just Kev.

  7. Place you were born
    Image Hosted by
    Not exactly a recognizable skyline but I was born in the Rubber Capital of the World. Akron Ohio, also known for the American Soap Box Derby.

  8. Town you live in
    Image Hosted by
    From the same page of images, since I live in the place I was born, here is Lebron James' high school jersey. Those colors are for St. Vincent-St. Marys, a couple blocks from here.

  9. Your middle name
    Image Hosted by
    Despite the controversy surrounding my middle name I have decided to go with what's on the birth certificate; Jessio.

  10. Your last name
    Image Hosted by
    OMG! Cady left ATWT!

  11. First job
    Image Hosted by
    And basically the only job since 1984

  12. Bad Habit
    Image Hosted by
    It might be procrastination; or it could be
    Image Hosted by

  13. Grandmother's name
    Image Hosted by
    My maternal grandmother was Leoda. Leonardo Da Vinci drew this picture. Not of my grandmother mind you.

  14. Favorite book
    Image Hosted by
    The Good Book!

  15. Favorite color
    Image Hosted by
    Navy blue or
    Image Hosted by
    dark blue

  16. Favorite smell
    Image Hosted by
    Roasting turkey...Hmmm. It's a tough choice I also like the smell of
    Image Hosted by
    baking bread and
    Image Hosted by

  17. Favorite drink
    Image Hosted by
    I drink far too much of this but can you blame me?
    Image Hosted by
    It is the real thing!

  18. Favorite animal
    Image Hosted by
    Lean mean running machine.

  19. Favorite band or singer
    Image Hosted by
    I've seen The Manhattan Transfer more times in concert than any group I ever listened to.

  20. Favorite author
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    The late great Roger Zelazny. I've read more books by him than anyone else.

  21. Favorite dessert
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    Ahh... Strawberry Cheesecake. Yum


Darla said...

Oh, I love this! It's even more fun than the one I did last week! I'll have to steal it. :)

I'm also very fond of Manhattan Transfer--have been since I first heard them.... OMG. It was about 30 years ago. I think I'd better go lie down now: I'm obviously older than I realized.

Dane Bramage said...

I feel ya. The first Manhattan Transfer album was in the late 70's. When I googled the name I saw several pictures of them. They look OLD! The pic I used is from the 80's when they were at the height of their popularity.

arlene said...

i enjoyed totally your TT. hope to see more of such things next time.

i also love cheesecakes! especially blueberry =)

Malcolm said...

I remember Cady McLain from her days on "All My Children" as Dixie Cooney. It was a shame that they brought her back last year only to kill her off (she ate some drug-laced peanut butter pancakes).